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I changed my hobby into my ordinary life.Travelling is my lifeblood from which I try to deliver my own emotions to my clients and let them be carried away.I’ve inherited this passion from my school teacher, a great storyteller able to transform every trip into a wonderful tale, and to let curiosity and will to know the world be growing on me.What I love about traveling is the experience you live on site, for this reason I make a preliminary appointment to get to know my potential customers better, so that I can plan a journey for them full of those adventures they dream.I always approach in a friendly way, and clients become friends that recommend Nessie Viaggi most of the time.My phone is full of photos and experiences from around the world, mine and those of clients who know my love for traveling and for this reason, they are sending me their pics. And they also know that I give them 24/7 assistance. A satisfaction that excites me every time like thefirst day of work.

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Outdoor trip to discover the beauty of your peninsula

Outdoor trips

Outdoor trips In times of the pandemic, the need to explore and visit places was put to the test but with outdoor trips we have

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Sud America

Barbados, la gemma dei Caraibi

Esiste una piccola isola nel Mar dei Caraibi, esattamente facente parte delle Piccole Antille, che è una meta imperdibile nell’area per la sua varietà di offerta turistica, volta

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Il grande sì ad Aruba

One Happy Island è il termine che identifica una piccola isola dell’Oceano Atlantico nell’area dei Caraibi, esattamente nelle Antille Olandesi. Trattasi di Aruba, un paradiso dalle acque cristalline e dalle

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