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Our travel expert Alina will guide you to discover unique and exciting experiences in different parts of the world. Since childhood she has always been fascinated by world travelling and has explored every continent. She lived 3 years in South Africa, between Cape Town and the savannah, and was involved in making nature documentaries for national TV. She specializes not only in African safaris but all the experiences that leave indelible marks in the memory. Ready to travel with Alina?

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Outdoor trip to discover the beauty of your peninsula

Outdoor trips

Outdoor trips In times of the pandemic, the need to explore and visit places was put to the test but with outdoor trips we have

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Sud America

Barbados, la gemma dei Caraibi

Esiste una piccola isola nel Mar dei Caraibi, esattamente facente parte delle Piccole Antille, che è una meta imperdibile nell’area per la sua varietà di offerta turistica, volta

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Il grande sì ad Aruba

One Happy Island è il termine che identifica una piccola isola dell’Oceano Atlantico nell’area dei Caraibi, esattamente nelle Antille Olandesi. Trattasi di Aruba, un paradiso dalle acque cristalline e dalle

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